Lockett Jewels Collection is handmade exclusively by jewelry designer and creative extraordinaire Nicky Lockett. Each and every piece is made by hand in studio using only the finest materials including, gold, silver, gemstones, and special treasures found throughout Nicky's travels. Nicky draws inspiration through nature and loves the organic feel of hammered metal and the beauty of rough cut gemstones. The mix of gold and silver with pearls, crystals, and gemstones makes Lockett Jewels Collection easy to wear casually or to a formal event.  The delicate nature of the collection allows each piece to be worn on its own or layered.  

Nicky lives in Toronto with her daughters Georgia & Taylor and Husband Drew, they spend their time outdoors playing and laughing and love their time most spent together at the cottage.  Nicky has many, many creative outlets and loves her time in the studio!